Bass. Treble. Sweat.  Prepare to crank up the music, intensity, and your heart rate with amazing                cycling classes taught by the best in the business. Check out our schedule to read more about our instructors and their classes.


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Christina Conley

Prepare to sing, dance, and sweat (HARD)! Christina brings an amazing blend of musically and brute strength to make your ride as fun as it is challenging!

What to expect: Dancehall songs, dirty wine, and baby-making music

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Aden Darity

Prepare to take a musical journey all over the map with Durham native Aden. Learn a little, and sweat a LOT to the rhythm of songs by every artist you can imagine [except Macklemore and Michael Buble]. 


Durham native. Hip-hop historian. Playlist master.

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Erikka Dzirasa

Love trap music?  Is your workout playlist full of hip-hop jams? Meet Erikka and beware... her class is ADDICTIVE!

#tRAPcycle inventor, butt-kicker

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Lindsey Johnson

Power, sprints, and fierce mileage numbers = calorie burning magic. Need a good weekend warrior style workout?  Lindsey's your girl. 

Expect a lot of 2000's rap, a little bit of angry rock, and a few surprises

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Phelicia Vovos

With her unparalleled energy and amazing playlists, Phelicia will motivate and move you toward your goals!

Expect a mix of pop, rap, and heavy bass!

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Leigh Ann Yeager, MS, CPT

Leigh Ann Yeager has a love for dirty pop and hip hop and is known for her themed playlists.  She is the mom of two littles, Tyson and Brady, and wife to Jesse (who prefers classic rock).  Her classes fill fast, so be sure to sign up in advance.

Owner, ONE Fitness Training

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