Fat loss, muscle gain - record time.

You need to get in shape for summer - and you need to do it fast. Long jogs in this hot weather are not only unappealing, they're ineffective. Intervals in combination with resistance training is best for quickly boosting your fitness level, burning fat, and maintaining lean muscle.

Whether you are just starting a workout program, or continuing to push your workouts to the next level, you should put your trust in experienced, knowledgeable trainers to get you there, quickly and safely.

When we designed our schedule at ONE, we wanted to hybridize our offerings day to day to avoid overlapping programming, avoid injury, and allow for maximum muscle growth/maintenance. Some of our classes (HIIT + Strength, TRX, BOOTCAMP) rely on high volume exercises (repetition ranges of 15 or more), while others (Kettlebell Training, The P.I.T) rely on low volume exercises and place an emphasis on learning movement patterns that lead to enhancing clients' ability to lift heavier and move faster. To compliment the strength training classes, we offer a variety of cycling classes so clients can remain active most days of the week without increasing their risk for overuse injuries that can result from heavy lifting day after day. Another way we avoid injury is our "Recover" class where we use foam rolling, lacrosse ball techniques, and deep stretching to relieve the tension in muscles and soft tissue that builds up through the week.

Now through June 15th - take advantage of our lowest prices EVER on our expertly designed classes.

3 months UNLIMITED evenings and weekends! With over 20 classes to choose from each week, you cannot beat this value!

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Want to learn more about our classes?

New to exercise and not sure where to start?

Let's take a look at some of our classes (all available evenings and weekends!) and how the design of each can help you get to your goals!

HIIT + Strength

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been shown in multiple studies to be as effective as endurance training for boosting your fitness level, and more effective that endurance training for fat loss. Strength training compliments HIIT by adding to and maintaining your metabolically active muscle tissue, where endurance training may lead to muscle loss (and subsequently decreasing your metabolic rate).

In this class, you can expect an even split of resistance training (dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and bodyweight exercises) and interval training (short, intense bursts of cardiovascular exercise).

HIIT + Strength is offered MWF at 530am and 615am, and Saturdays at 9am.

"This class has helped me get stronger, improved my cardiovascular fitness, and has gotten me out of my fitness comfort zone. I get individual attention plus all the fun of a group fitness class. I'm hooked!" -Anna C.

TRX Circuit

The TRX is an innovative piece of exercise equipment that allows you to use your bodyweight as resistance for virtually any exercise you can think of.

In this class, you can expect a blend of TRX exercises, dumbbell/kettlebell work, and HIIT cardio to boost your fitness level and fat burning potential!

TRX Circuit is offered Tuesdays at 545pm and Sundays at 9am.

"TRX Circuit is an awesome total body workout which is always challenging and never the same from one class to the next!" -Julie Y.


This is not your mom's bootcamp class.

If you are looking for pure calorie burn using mostly bodyweight exercises, this is the class for you. Expect game play, interval cardio, and bodyweight movements like push ups, squats, lunges, and planks intertwined to keep your effort and sweat level high. Experience what BOOTCAMP has to offer on Saturdays at 8am!

"I love the challenge and playful atmosphere in this class - gets me moving in a way that is both fun and motivating!" - Kelli T


This class is organized into 6 minute rounds comprised of 3 minutes of strength/resistance training, 2 minutes of HIIT Cardio, and 1 minute of challenging core work. Work your way through 3 stations two times each and find yourself challenged and sweaty by the end.

The generous time allotted for each exercise allows you to work on technique and improve on difficult exercises without losing the intensity that you love in a circuit training format.

3|2|1 is offered on Saturday mornings at 10am.

"Amy is an amazing trainer and developed a really unique format with 3|2|1. This class really has it all - strength, cardio, and core. It's one of, if not the, most challenging workout I've ever done!" -Kristen T.


P.I.T. stands for Primitive Intense Training and is a strength-focused training session reinforcing primitive, functional movement patterns while utilizing bodyweight, kettlebells and other unique implements to deliver a workout like nothing you've ever experienced. Swing a mace, carry a sandbag, push a prowler and become stronger week after week. THE P.I.T is offered Mondays and Thursdays at 545pm, and Tuesdays at 545am.


Want to see a video of our most popular class in action?



Chris Erickson won't let this happen to you.

Kettlebell work requires a trained eye on technique, form, and movement patterns to ensure proper muscular recruitment and injury prevention.

This class will help you build your strength base while educating you on the movement patterns involved in successful, effective kettlebell workouts.

Kettlebell training is offered on Wednesdays at 545pm.

Because of the technical nature of the class, class size is limited to the first 10 people - sign ups are recommended!


Bass. Treble. Sweat.

Prepare to crank up the music, intensity, and your heart rate with amazing cycling classes taught by the best in the business.

At ONE, our cycle classes concentrate on two important factors: the SCIENCE, and the MUSIC. Our workouts are constructed in a way that is both effective and fun.

Using the computer screen on your bike, you'll be able to track your heart rate, mileage, and resistance level digitally - no more 'feeling' your way through a workout! You can track your progress class to class an watch your stats as you become more fit!

Our instructors use the music to set the pace for each stage of your workout - expect sprints, speed, climbs, and jumps set to the music that makes you want to MOVE. Check out the online descriptions for #hiphop, #tabataride, #powerride, #mixedterrain, and #doubleplay to see the unique offerings in each class! Click HERE!


This class is your opportunity to train like a fighter!

In this heart pounding circuit, you will incorporate punches and kicks on both the focus mitts and heavy bag, and other challenging drills and exercises to simulate the intensity of the ring.

Taught by personal trainer and amateur MMA fighter Christina Conley, this high-intensity class brings unique challenges and new techniques to learn every week!

How can we make this class even better? Follow this class with a cold beer on us from Growler Grlz!

roundONE is offered Fridays at 545pm.


Can't decide between taking a cycle class or circuit class?

This class brings you best of both worlds!

Taught by our expert training staff, ONE Circuit + Cycle begins with a strength-training based workout designed to burn fat while boosting your metabolism and building muscle. You'll conclude with 25 minutes of HIIT intervals on the bike to torch calories in record time! Many of our clients report burning a full cycle class amount of calories in just over half the time!

Circuit + Cycle is offered Monday and Tuesday at 645pm.


Stretch, foam roll, and use lacrosse ball techniques to soothe sore muscles and prevent injury in this one hour class designed for active folks! Much like massage, the techniques in this class serve to release tension in overused and heavily trained muscles. Led by Chris Erickson, master trainer and Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), you will feel instant relief from the workouts of the week! Recover is offered on Sundays at 10am, and is FREE to ONE Pass Members!

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