Fall Fitness Schedule Launch!

It's that time of year, folks. The leaves are changing, there is a (very slight) chill in the air, and pumpkin spice everything is making a resurgence. As the weather and your coffee order change, your fitness schedule is evolving too!

What's new?


You asked for MORE 3|2|1... and you got it! Amy will be teaching 3|2|1 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:45am.. but wait! There's MORE!

These morning 3|2|1 sessions will now work TOGETHER to provide a well-rounded training split each week. This means no redundancy between workouts and amplified results for YOU!

There's even more to this 3|2|1 update! Saturdays will now boast our only 1 hour circuit format, so be sure to join us on the weekends for the extended remix.

HIIT + Strength

Our most popular circuit format with our most popular instructor! With Lindsey at the helm on Tuesday nights at 5:45pm, this anything-goes cardio/weight lifting fusion just got a lot more exciting. Expect to see game-play, new exercises, and formats that will push you to your limit.


Want to discover the fastest way to burn fat and strengthen your core? Look no further.

This Saturday 8am class is jam-packed with intervals and core work to challenge you to become stronger and more fit!

What's a tabata interval? Click here for a little history and some examples!

ONE Cycle

If you are hungry for a challenge,

these new evening offerings

have got you covered.

#DoublePlay with Leigh Ann on Mondays at 6:45 uses a unique format to increase intensity with every session - expect two-in-a-row intervals, speed songs, and climbs for an extremely challenging 45-minute class.

ONE Cycle with Lindsey will be offered each Tuesday at 6:45pm starting on Sept. 20th. We're sure her reputation is well-known, but prepare yourself for heavy hills and crazy intervals!

#MileagePR will be offered on Thursday nights at 6:45pm with Skye, who uses her road-biking experience to help you achieve greater distances in class than ever before! Expect a great mix of pop and hip-hop, and an imaginative musical theme with your playlist!

Busy schedule? Try a double-up!

We dare you.

Double-up opportunities:


5:45pm PIT with Chris + 6:45 ONE Cycle #doubleplay with Leigh Ann


5:45am ONE Cycle with Leigh Ann + 6:30am OPEN GYM with Amy [which will follow the 3|2|1 format]

5:45pm HIIT + Strength with Lindsey + 6:45 ONE Cycle with Lindsey


5:45pm Kettlebell with Chris + 6:45 ONE Cycle with Aden (#kettleandpedal)


5:45am ONE Cycle with Leigh Ann + 6:30am OPEN GYM with Amy [which will follow the 3|2|1 format]

5:45pm PIT with Chris + 6:45 ONE Cycle #mileagePR with Skye


8:00am Tabata + Core with Ofek + 9am ONE Cycle

9:00am ONE Cycle + 10:00am 3|2|1 with Amy


8:00am ONE Cycle #powerride with Lindsey + 9:00am TRX Circuit with Leigh Ann

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