Feats of Strength: Defined!

The 20 x 2018 Challenge is underway, and more than 50 of you have decided to participate! While most of the items on the card are straight-forward, the Feats of Strength challenges will prove to be a bit more.... well, challenging. We are working hard in classes and Open Gym to get you ready, and in addition, we wanted to illustrate some of the movements (especially the lesser known ones... What the heck is a bent press?) so you can see what you're in for!

Deadlift Challenge:

Keeping the barbell close to your body, lift bar once to full hip extension.

Straps and gloves not allowed.

Belt and chalk allowed (but not cleaning up after yourself disqualifies the rep).

Men: 2 times bodyweight

Women: 1.5 times bodyweight

Kettlebell Press Challenge

Using 1 arm, press kettlebell overhead without assistance from lower body. You may use a two-handed clean.

Men: 50% of bodyweight

Women: 30% of bodyweight

Bent Press Challenge

Using a kettlebell or dumbbell, perform a windmill press or squat version of a bent press as shown.

Men and women: 1/4 of bodyweight

Pull up/Chin-up Challenge

Using an underhand or overhand grip, and full range of motion, perform specified number of repetitions in a single, unbroken set.

Men: 10 strict pull-ups or chin-ups

Women: 5 strict pull-ups or chin-ups

Squat Challenge

You choose barbell placement – front, back, or zercher squat

Men: 1.5 times bodyweight

Women: bodyweight

Get-Up Challenge

Complete a full Turkish get-up using 25% of bodyweight.

Must complete with both arms.

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