What are our clients saying?

Of course we think our gym is awesome... but hearing it from our clients is what really counts!

Alisha Cornell

Member since Dec. 2016

"My co-worker sent an email to me to ask about thoughts on my personal experience at ONE. She wrote that she was looking to join a gym and she saw the website on our Duke Employee discount website. She clicked through the pictures and saw me posing with Christina and Dave. I quickly responded and told her this was the best choice I've made in my life, I've lost over 30 pounds and I can do so many things I thought I'd never be able to do in a gym or on my own including feeling better about my self mentally and physically.

It's an intimidating experience to try to workout when you don’t know what you're doing and everyone around you looks like they either stepped out of a magazine or look as or even more lost than you... [but] this isn't a place that you have to worry about skinny 20 year olds running around eating carrots and quinoa turning their noses up at you because you can't do a pushup. People here are a community, they want to know you, they will ask your name, remember that you have kids, and miss you when you're on vacation. There are so many options to help you be the best person you can be and reach your fitness goals no matter how in or out of shape you are when you come to train. The name ONE may sound like one of those shabby chic California-ish places but for me ONE meant ONE more life saved....MINE! I really love you all and I'm glad I found you.

Lindsay Miller

Member since Dec. 2015

I've been working out with Leigh Ann for several years now, and I've been meeting with all of the ONE fitness trainers since they opened, and I have loved (mostly??) every minute!

When I started pursuing a regular fitness routine in North Carolina in my early 30s, I wanted to make big gains regularly- more weight, higher jumps, more reps, and Leigh Ann was able to help me achieve this.

Today, I'm knocking on 39, and I have accepted that I'm mostly pleased with the progress and journey I've made fitness-wise. (It's not like I'm really training for the burpee Olympics!). I have new goals now. I want to still make [progress], but I need to do it in a healthy and safe way that means I'm able to keep doing what I love for another 10, 20, 30+ years which means I'm at a different pace than I was when I started. Now, when I come in, if something is a little off, I speak up and get an alternate exercise or a modification.

No questions or pressure. Just support for my real long term goal of staying fit for life!

Cassie Palisky

Member since Feb. 2016

I joined ONE over a year ago, because I was impressed with the variety of classes and the skilled instruction. After letting life get in the way for far too long, I finally recommitted to getting fit. That was only three months ago, but I'm already feeling stronger and more confident. Knowing that no matter the instructor, I'll attend a class where I'll be challenged, but I'll also feel comfortable asking for help has been a major motivator. Going to the gym isn't usually my idea of fun, but I always have a good time and laugh when I attend a class at ONE.

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