I'll take the physical challenge!

News flash: I love data.

No, not that Data. I mean numbers. Metrics! Stats!

Especially where exercise is concerned, I love the feeling of being able to lift more weight, ride an extra mile, or row a faster split time. I like competing with myself and showing progress week to week and month to month. This love of numbers and motivation brought about our latest creation entitled "I'll take the physical challenge!"

No slime involved. We promise.

How does it work?

Grab a challenge card (shown above) at the front desk and pick a challenge or 3 to try out. Repeat the challenge during the month of October to see how you progress from week to week! Repeating the challenge(s) 4 times (either in the class listed or in open gym) will win you a FAB challenge winner band, perfect for showing off to your friends or adorning your water bottle.

The Challenges, in detail:

imPRESSive: Complete a bent or screw press with a "challenge" weight as prescribed by Chris. Complete in either Monday or Thursday PIT at 545pm.

3 Min AMRAP: Complete as many push-ups as possible in 3 minutes, as part of 3|2|1. Challenge yourself on Saturdays at 845am or 10am!

S.A.W.: You'll have to ask Lindsey about this acronym! A combo of burpees and thrusters for time, this one will bring the sweat! Try this one out Tuesday nights at 545pm

Miles Per POWER!: Each Thursday at 6pm in #tRAPcycle with Erikka, you'll push to achieve the higher and higher MPH numbers as you push through an interval track!

Going the Distance: How far can you go in one song? Repeated each Wednesday at 6pm, push yourself to achieve a mile or more in a special song pick from Aden.

ROW-M.G!: The ultimate test of high level aerobic capacity... the 500m row for time. How many seconds can you lose in a month? Give it a shot on Sundays at 9am!

Fists of FURY!: Set your shoulders ablaze in this test of muscular endurance with Christina each Friday at 545.

The challenge begins at 545pm on Oct. 2 and goes thru Oct. 31!

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