Get ready for the 20x2019 Challenge!

20 challenges.

6 weeks.

1 fantastic t-shirt!

It's that time of year again! On Nov. 19th, we kick off our 3rd annual 20x2019 challenge!

How do you play?

1) Grab a card at the front desk

2) Choose 20 out of the 31 challenges on the front of the card to complete by 12/31

3) Get a fantastic new t-shirt that can ONLY be earned (not bought!).

Section 1: Going the Distance

Finish 10 miles or more in a cycle class and mark off a space with the date!

Section 2: Meet the Team

Attend a class with any listed instructor and cross off their name.

Section 3: Feats of Strength

Each of our strength training instructors has created their own challenge(s) and they will use their classes to train you to complete them! Here is a list of the challenges and instructions on how to complete each:

THOR’S TRIFECTA: This five minute challenge will channel your inner superhero! Complete 2 minutes each [unbroken] crawl and sledgehammer swings, and a 1 minute chain t-hold!

Train to achieve this challenge:

5:45pm The PIT, Mondays

GETTING MEDIEVAL: Dost thou wish to taketh this challenge, sire? Complete 5 minutes (unbroken) of kettlebell or mace swings! Chris reserveth the right to deem your mace/kettlebell weight a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’.

Train to achieve this challenge:

5:45pm The PIT, Thursday

ROW.M.G! - 6 minutes of rowing? ROW.M.G! In this rower ladder, you’ll be challenged to complete 1000 meters of rowing interspersed with core work in only 6 minutes.

Train to achieve this challenge:

5:30am HIIT+Strength, Tuesdays and Thursdays

9:00am R3, Sundays

EARTH DOWNS: Chuck Norris doesn’t do push ups. He does EARTH DOWNS. Be like Chuck Norris. Show us how many push-ups you can do in 1 minute, and show a >5 rep improvement in before the end of the challenge.

Train to achieve this challenge:

5:30am HIIT+Strength, Tuesdays and Thursdays

ROWING PAINS: 10 seconds isn’t a long time… unless you’re trying to improve your 500m row! Use the next six weeks to improve your time and technique with Vince’s help!

Train to achieve this challenge:

7:00pm METCON45, Wednesdays

10:00am METCON 45, Saturdays

JUMP AROUND: Much like Kriss Kross, Vince will make you jump, jump. How many jump squats can you do in 45 seconds? Improve your number by 5 in 6 weeks and win this spot on your challenge card!

Train to achieve this challenge:

6:10 am HIIT+Strength, Tuesdays

10:15am Cycle + Sculpt, Tuesdays

LINDSEY’S GREATEST HIITS: When we said, “Hey Lindsey, HIIT me with your best shot!” - she delivered this doozy of a challenge. You’ll have 6 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible of the following circuit: 5 heavy thrusters, 10 military push ups, 15 jump squats. Improve by 1 round or more in 6 weeks and add this to your own greatest HIITs list!

Train to achieve this challenge:

5:45pm HIIT+Strength, Tuesdays

GROWLER CRAWL: A wise person once said, the longest minutes are microwave minutes and exercise minutes. We believe she was trying to complete this challenge! Crawl for 4 minutes (unbroken) and cross this challenge off your card! But wait, there’s more! All who complete this challenge will be entered for a chance to win a growler from Growler Girls!

Train to achieve this challenge:

5:45pm Kettlebell Training, Wednesdays

MILES PER POWER: If Eminem and Nate Dogg described this challenge, they would either say to pedal “till your leg give out” or “till you collapse”... your choice! Push your max miles per hour on the bike to improve by 1 mph or more for a 30 second bout.

Train to achieve this challenge:

7:00pm R3, Thursdays

MONKEYIN’ AROUND: If, during your childhood, like Will Smith, you spent most of your days on the playground, this will bring back some fond memories. Use 6 weeks to train your grip and show an improvement in your monkey bar passes by 2019!

Train to achieve this challenge:

7pm 3|2|1, Tuesdays

BUCK FURPEES: Don’t worry, we all kind of bucking hate furpees. But, much like an exercise vitamin, they are actually pretty bucking good for you. Dr. Caleb says, “take 26 of these in 2 minutes, or as needed for sweat”.

Train to achieve this challenge:

5:45am PIIT, Wednesdays

6:10am HIIT+Strength, Thursdays

Questions? Direct them to Leigh Ann:

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