Check out fitness videos on Instagram or YouTube and they all seem to look sort of... similar. One of the many things we love about Caleb's training style is that it's like nothing we've ever seen, and the unique, total-body format is making a real difference to his class participants and his training clients as well.

Recently, we sat down to chat with Caleb about his training. We want to share his story with you!

Why did you become a personal trainer?

  • I became a personal trainer because I believe in the importance of being active for our health: physically, emotionally, and mentally. I believe that we start feeling bad mostly because we don’t want or don’t think we can move enough. But that is wrong. The more active we are, the better we will feel. The better we feel, the clearer we think. And that combined gives us more confidence in ourselves to get done the daily tasks we need to do. But it’s not just for productivity, it also helps us have more fun and relax better. So I became a trainer to help others get the most out of life and show them how fun exercising can be.

Have you always been drawn to fitness?

  • I have always been active. My childhood was spent outdoors on the farm I grew up on. If I wasn’t swimming in the creek, I was probably climbing a tree. I always had high energy and sitting still was never appealing to me. For me, “hanging out” usually has always meant doing an activity together. I wanted to be outside or shooting basketball or climbing something.

How did you get your start in fitness [sports, etc]?

  • As I said, I have always been active, but more organized fitness began when I started playing basketball in 4th Grade. I had never been into sports until then, but I started and haven’t stopped since. As far as weightlifting, I began early in college because I wanted to get stronger and didn’t want to be the skinny little dude I had always been.

Any success stories to share from your ONE clients?

  • After a session with me, one of my clients, who has a generalized anxiety disorder, texted me and told me her stress went from a 10 to a 2 with no medication, simply from working out!

Talk about a time where you experienced success/gained confidence/hit a milestone in fitness:

  • One of the biggest successes for me, was completing my first Spartan Race. I had always wanted to run an obstacle course race, but never took the step to just do it! I finally ran one, and ran it well! Crossing the finish line, I remember saying to myself “I’m a Spartan now!” I have always seen myself as just an average athlete, but finishing my first Spartan gave me confidence in myself to try anything. Plus, for the first time I had other people asking me for advice on how to train! This was a first for me!

Tell us about your fitness accolades / bragging points / certifications:

  • Captain of the first BROlympics Championship Team

  • Spartan SGX Coach

  • Won 2nd place in a local Ninja Warrior competition.

What are two exercises that are important to your style of training?

  • For myself: Pull-ups, Deadlifts

  • For your clients: Depends, but mostly carries and hanging/pull-ups (honorable mention: B U R P E E S)

What is your target audience? Why did you choose this audience?

  • My target audience is honestly anyone who wants to do a Spartan Race, whether they want to win or simply try something they never thought they could. I obviously love the races and am a big believer in the self-confidence given after finishing a race. Because that confidence bleeds into all areas of life. Also, the training for the race has been proven effective, whether you run the race or not, because it is intense and functional


  • "It’s a workout you don’t get with any other type of training. I mean, you get to climb things and throw spears! I surprised myself with the progress I made and accomplished things I didn’t think I could." -Jessica Jones

  • "Even though I take classes regularly, I was amazed at how much my strength increased! I was a bit nervous before the race, but I felt super prepared for all the obstacles we faced." -Avery Cook

  • "Initially, I wasn’t certain that I wanted to run a mud obstacle course but decided to sign up for Caleb’s Spartan SGX training anyway. Am I ever glad I did! Caleb is a positive, encouraging coach, and the training definitely made me physically and mentally stronger. Plus, I had so much fun running the race that I’ve decided to run another one next year! Thanks, Caleb! AROO!!" -Suzanne Roberts

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