The #1 trick I used to get fit after baby

Until my first son was born, I was a gym rat. The kind of person you'd see in the gym ALL. THE. TIME. I was a national fitness competitor doing up to two shows per year, which put me in the gym up to three hours a day, not including the classes I taught. In a typical day, I would start out with 45-60 minutes of fasted cardio before dawn, teach a 'muscle pump' or cycle class, then do 60-90 minutes of circuit training in the evening. As a fitness competitor, I also had to practice my fitness routine, which was comprised of dance, tumbling, strength, and flexibility movements. This, of course, happened outside my already jam-packed workout schedule. Combined with a very strict and intentional diet, it seemed like my entire life revolved around my training.

In that picture, I (at 5'3.25") tipped the scales at a whopping 113lbs. When I delivered Tyson, I weighed 183lbs, and he was 5 weeks early!

When Tyson arrived, I quickly discovered, as most moms do, that I no longer had hours and hours to devote to the gym. I'll admit that it set forth a bit of a panic inside me... If I can't workout for as long as I used to, will I ever get back in shape?

Mamas, have you ever had this conversation with yourself? How the heck am I going to get my body back if my time is now devoted to the baby? I've got great news... you don't need 3 hours a day. Heck, you don't even need 1 hour. You can get your workout done in one episode of Paw Patrol and the results will blow your mind.

Imagine yourself feeling like you want to feel and looking like you want to look. Imagine having more energy to interact with your little ones. Imagine walking around with your shoulders back and chin up, knowing that you are doing something good for YOU.

The picture above is the difference between August 2013 and March 2015. 20-30 minute workouts, no extreme dieting, no 'genetic gifts' from my family. All I needed to get from point A to point B was a few minutes, a little bit of space, and consistency. I've taken my training style and put it to work for dozens of mamas in the triangle just like you.

Are you next?

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