20 x 2020 Challenge!

For the 4th year in a row, we'll be keeping you fit and fierce throughout the holiday season with a challenge that will push you to your limits!

The 20 x 2020 is here, and here's how it works.

On the official 20 x 2020 challenge card, there are 29 challenges separated into 3 categories:

"Going the distance": Complete 10 miles in a cycle class or open gym, and mark off a spot!

"Meet the team": Attend a class with our awesome trainers, and mark their name off to claim the spot on your card.

"Feats of strength": Our amazing team of trainers have created challenges for each class they teach to test your limits moving through the holiday season. Prepare to sweat as you take them on! [You can track these on the back of your challenge card].

Snowball Toss: You know what they say about ONE Fitness Training. We have big (snow)balls. How many passes of the turf can you clear with a "snow"ball [medicine ball] in 45 seconds? We challenge you to improve that number by 1 pass of the turf in 6 weeks.

Find this challenge in: METCON45, Saturdays with Alex

I'm the Farmer Now!: Little known fact about Alex, Caleb, Ruby, and Chris - they all grew up doing farm work. It's your turn to be the farmer now. Carry your bodyweight (in kettlebells) down the turf and back to mark this challenge off your card!

Find this challenge in: 321, Saturdays with Alex

3 Minutes to Win It!: How many meters would a fit person row if a fit person could row for 3 minutes? Push your endurance to the limit and see how much you can improve in just 6 weeks!

Find this challenge in: R3, Thursdays with Christina

ROW.M.G!: Can you cover 950m in five, 40 second sprints on the rower? To complete this challenge, you'll be forced to evaluate the efficiency of your rowing as well as your anaerobic threshold. Check this one off and post it on social media to show everyone how amazing you are!

Find this challenge in: HRmax and R3, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays with LA

Surmounting Olympus: This challenge focuses on building strength in multiple planes of movement to push you beyond your limits. The gauntlet includes:

  • 2 medicine ball over-the-shoulders (bros: 100lbs, gals: 70lbs)

  • Prowler 1 turf length (bros: 350+lb gals: 250+lb)

  • Tire flip (s) (bros: medium tire 10x or large tire 1x, gals: medium tire 6x)

  • Prowler 1 turf length (bros: 350+lb gals: 250+lb)

Find this challenge in: PIIT and METCON45, Wednesdays with Caleb

The Qualifier: This test of anaerobic capacity mimics the worst (best) BroLympics event from the spring. The ladder looks like this:

  • 100m Row, 8 Burpees

  • 200m Row, 6 Burpees

  • 300m Row, 4 Burpees

  • 400m Row, 2 Burpees

  • Bros time to beat: 6:30

  • Gals time to beat: 7:00

Find this challenge in: HIIT+Strength, Tuesdays and Fridays with Caleb

Furious Fives: There are no longer minutes than microwave minutes and exercise minutes. How about 5 minutes of swings or 5 minutes of crawls -- unbroken? Train for 6 weeks to be able to withstand these tests of muscular endurance [each counts as its own challenge].

Find these challenges in: PIT, Mondays and Thursdays with Chris

Jump Around: Want to become better at jump rope, or want to up your game by learning double unders? This challenge is for you. Improve your unbroken reps in one minute with Christina's expert skillz instruction!

Find this challenge in: HRMax, Fridays with Christina

Flip N Carry: This strength-based gauntlet will also test your speed and agility as you move quickly through these timed exercises.

  • 4 tire flips [trainer discretion]

  • 2 light sand bag carries [2 turf lengths]

  • 2 medium sand bag carries [2 turf lengths]

  • 4 tire flips[trainer discretion]

  • Bros: under 1:15

  • Gals: under 1:30

Find this challenge in: 321, Tuesdays with Ruby

Ruby's PT Test: The push-up is one of the best ways to test a person's muscular endurance. How many can you do, unbroken, in one minute?

Find this challenge in: METCON45, Mondays with Ruby

Oh My Quad!

Could you be giving a little more in cycle class? What would it take to push the extra mile? This high-level endurance challenge will push you to improve your fitness in 6 short weeks - can you do it?

  • Advanced: 1 mile in 2:30 or less

  • Intermediate: 1 mile in 2:45 or less

Find this challenge in: R3, Sundays with LA

Pick up your challenge card beginning Tuesday, November 19th and complete 20 of the 29 challenges by 12/31 and get an awesome, limited-edition can-only-be-earned-cannot-be-bought ONE Fitness Training car magnet!

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